This is me – The girl who was really a boy

This is me -The girl who was really a boy: In this story we meet a girl. She used to be happy. But as she grew things did not feel quite right. She felt more like a boy than a girl. What would happen if she told people? Would they understand? Would they help? This book for young children has been written to provide something adults can share with children to allow them to talk about feelings of dysphoria, the topic of gender and what it means to be transgender. The hope is that parents can share the book with their children, siblings and extended family as a means to broach a difficult subject.

Lindsay sent me this book to have a look at and I did enjoy it. It is about acceptance and letting people be who they want to be. It deals with the topic in a very sensitive way and can open up discussions from a very young age. I absolutely love how the book is laid out with a scrapbooking style. There isn’t a lot of text but it is purposeful and meaningful. An image can say so many things.

Lindsay has sent us some resources to use with her book which you can download here

Download: This Is Me – By Lindsay Taylor and Marnie Maurri Teaching Resources

Download: High Fives Instructions – This Is Me

You can buy the book from Amazon:


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