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Target Setting Bookmarks

These target setting bookmarks are a result of discussions in our ELSA Facebook group. Do join us if you want to be part of an amazing ‘family of ELSAs and other like minded professionals’.

Sharing a target with a pupil is very beneficial. If they know what they are working on it just has to help them succeed. Setting targets should be part of all your proactive ELSA Work. You can read more about setting targets in our blog post here.

I did originally share a few bookmarks in the Facebook group and lots of people added their suggestions too so what started out as a smallish file is now rather big and we even have a WELSH version. You will notice random images such as trains and footballs. They were a request! Also the pink and purple were added too by request.

Download: Target bookmarks English

Download: Target bookmarks Welsh

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"The resources are brilliant, they really have helped me in setting up my ELSA. I have so much more confidence with the help of this site. Thank you Debbie; your help is amazing."

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