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Summer survival kit

It is that time of year where people are looking for end of term gifts to give to children. This is a summer survival kit label so you can edit it with lots of lovely things you might want to include in your kit. The label would be stuck to your parcel.

Download: Summer survival kits editable This is editable in PowerPoint

Here are some organza bags that might be helpful for packaging. There are loads of different sizes on Amazon if you want to explore further but these are reasonably big.

Here is a long list of ideas with some links through to Amazon. I spent a while searching for appropriate things for you to use:

  • Glitter/tinsel – to make everything sparkle!
  • A crayon – to colour your day bright and cheerful.
  • A mirror – to remind you of how unique you are.
  • A candy cane – to remind you that you have someone to lean on.
  • A shiny pencil – to write your wrongs.
  • An eraser – to show that mistakes can fade.
  • A balloon – so you can reach for the sky.
  • Bubbles – to blow your worries away.
  • A bouncy ball – to show you can bounce right back.
  • Soap – to wash away your worries.
  • Smarties – to show you how smart you are.
  • A highlighter – to highlight all the positives in your life.
  • An Angel – to show you are not alone and have someone to talk to.
  • A tree – to show it is good to branch out.
  • A plaster – for healing hurt feelings.
  • Gum – to show you can stick with it and achieve your goals.
  • Starburst – to remind you that you are a star.
  • Chocolate coins – to remind you that you will always shine.
  • A sponge – to remind you how you can soak up new information and learn.
  • A mint – to remind you that you are worth a mint to your family and friends.
  • A Kit Kat – to remind you to take a break.
  • Felt tip pen – so you can colour your future bright.
  • Love hearts – to remind you how loved you are.
  • Sherbet – to add a bit of fizz to your day.
  • A marker pen – to remind you to leave a good mark where ever you go.
  • A button – to remind you to button your lips if needed.
  • Hot chocolate sachet – to remind you to relax and be calm.
  • A penny – to remind you to share your thoughts.
  • Tissues – for all those tears of laughter over the Summer
  • Smiley face –to remind you to smile.
  • A bell – to remind you to jingle all the way.
  • Playdough – to remind you that you are resilient and can bounce back.
  • A heart – to remind you that you are loved.
  • A star – to remind you to shine brightly!
  • A pud in a mug – to give you a hug
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