Spots – Warm up game

August 30, 2018
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Spots – Warm up game

This warm up game will help to break the ice and also hopefully raise self-esteem. This resource is offered free for #elsafreefriday.

Group activity 1

Choose number of spots to match the number of children in your group.

Lay out the spots before the children arrive and ask them to read the spots and sit on one of them.

If there are arguments over who sits where ask them to try and sort it out between themselves. Observe their skills at doing this. Only intervene if necessary.

When every child is sitting on a spot ask them to place their spot in their lap and then ask them questions on why they chose that spot. How have they shown this characteristic? What does it mean?

Then they must give their spot to someone else who they think shows this characteristic. Each person is only allowed to be given one spot so if someone has already given them one they cannot have another one. Do this one child at a time. Why did they give their spot to this person? How does this person show that characteristic?

Group activity 2

Play a version of musical chairs but with the spots. Lay out the spots in a large open area. Play music and they walk around. When they music stops they must stand on a spot. What did they land on? What word is it? How do they show this characteristic? Carry on starting and stopping the music until children have landed on quite a few different spots.

Download: spots

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