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Be Happy Smiling challenge

This is our ‘Be Happy Smiling Challenge’ I was looking at some of our Mindful Monday resources and particularly the one about smiling and this inspired the resource this week.

Smiling has so many benefits so I thought it would be interesting and fun to do a smiling challenge.

The pupil can rate their smile(happiness) at the beginning of the challenge and then at the end of the challenge. Did they feel happier?

All they need to do is keep a diary for a week and log who they smiled at and what that person’s reaction was. They can also say how it made them feel.

There is a handy PowerPoint below if you are introducing to whole classes.

There is also a lovely poster to put up on your school.

Download the resources in the ‘Be happy smiling challenge’

Download: Smiling challenge

Download: PowerPoint Smiling challenge

Download: A3 Poster


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