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Shades of Grey – Depression

This ‘Shades of Grey’ poem will hopefully help anyone going through depression or sadness. This is an #elsafreefriday resource

I wrote this poem for a writer’s group I belong to. We had to write something about colour. I chose this.

This is a poem about depression/sadness and how when you are feeling down it is so hard to see anything positive. I have used the colours black and white to illustrate. When you feel so down you do see things as black or white. It is so hard to find the positive and have anything in between. If you can find the grey, a spark of positivity it might just help you through and help you feel a bit better. There are so many shades of grey, between black and white.

I hope this helps you/the children to find the grey in your/their lives when everything is bleak and dark. Even a tiny spark of positivity, a ray of hope,  might just help.

This resource might be more suitable for secondary children due to the concept which might be difficult to understand for younger children.

I have included a worksheet that might be helpful.

Download: shades of grey

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