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Sensory Word Mat

This was requested from one of my lovely Instagram followers. They wanted some sensory activities. I have made a sensory word mat which has so many uses. Please check out all of the photos in this post for ideas.

There are lots of lovely describing words in this word mat. I was surprised at how many I thought of for the letter S!

Some of the things I used in the photos(please click the photos to take you through to Amazon).

Body shapes  which you can get from Amazon. These are great for writing on. You could laminate and re use them over and over again. Mine are just white but I love these different skin tones with these.

Playdough from Amazon. There are so many colours in this pack. I have this pack and the pots aren’t huge but they are a good size and have loads of different colours.

Worry Monster from Amazon. This worry monster is very small but he does have a zip so you can fit in little worries. Great for clipping to a bag or even a lanyard.


Scissors from Amazon. I just bought these because of the bee theme. Who doesn’t love a bee?


Make a face is from the website and you can find it here Make a face 

The scale is from here Feelings scale 

To download the sensory word mat please click below

Download: Sensory word mat resource

For more products you might find helpful

Amazon surprise find: Balloons with facial expressions


"All resources are so child friendly, they love them and using them really takes the stress out of producing a well-timed ELSA session. Matching the resources to SMART targets is also quick and easy. Best of all I can afford to pay for them and use them again and again!"

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