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Senses star for talking or writing

This senses star idea came from a post in the ELSA group.

Natalie from the ELSA group writes:

“ We do a senses star and both write down at least three things for each of the senses. We decorate a box in colours and patterns that make the child feel happy and fill it with representations of those items on the senses star (I even had a child put in some cat hair?)” 


Here is a star I have made and there are also ideas on how to use it. senses star

There are so many ways you can use this star as either a prompt for talking or a prompt for writing. Children should be aware of their different senses when talking or writing about anything. Cover a range of emotions such as happiness to sadness, calmness to worries, calmness to anger and then emotions such as surprise or disgust, tiredness or boredom, fear and a whole range of emotions.

 senses star

Senses Star

Make up

Cut out and laminate the star (rounding off the sharp points), using a whiteboard pen write an emotion word in the middle.

How to use

  • Emotion words

What does the emotion look like to the child?

What does the emotion sound like to the child?

What does the emotion taste like to the child?

What does the emotion smell like to the child?

What does the emotion feel like to the child?

  • Create a decorated box and put in representations of the feeling into the box
  • Create an emotions poem

Happiness looks like snow topped mountains

Happiness feels like a warm, glowing fire

Happiness sounds like a child’s laughter

Happiness tastes like a steaming cup of hot chocolate

Happiness smells like the saltiness of the sea

  • Pass the star around the circle during circle time and ask a question
  • Have the star next to them as a prompt when writing.
  • Write other words in the middle of the star such as ‘conflict, friendship, bullying, respect, confidence, forgiveness.

There are many ways you can use this senses star.


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