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Self soothing kit or Sadness kit

It is helpful for all children to have a self soothing kit or sadness kit for when they are feeling overwhelmed. It could also be used for anxiety or worries.

What is in the kit would be personal to them and what they like to do to make them feel better.

Some examples in my kit are:

Other suggestions could be:

  • A blanket to snuggle
  • A cuddly toy (my daughter had BamBam a monkey who we still have after all these years)
  • A favourite feel good movie
  • Something nice to eat
  • Something soothing to smell
  • Something sensory to hold such as a sea shell or pebble
  • Favourite feel good photos
  • A calm down bottle
  • Favourite story
  • Music to listen to
  • Headphones to blank it all out
  • Mindfulness activity cards
  • Something arty or crafty to do
  • Bubble wrap to pop
  • Puzzles
  • Jigsaw

The main thing is to choose things the child likes to do and that makes them feel better.

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