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July 20, 2013
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Small group work

Many thanks to our Behaviour, attendance and safety consultant for sending these in to the site. These group activities are so useful for ELSAs running small groups.

Getting on and falling out ks1

Going for goals small group ks1

Good to be me ks1

New beginnings ks1

Relationships ks1

Changes Small group work

KS2 Small group




peaceful problem solving

problem solving

the fight

Understanding my feelings

understanding other peoples feelings

ways to calm down

words for core feelings

Photo cards

Photo cards

Photo cards 1

Other resources

Book lists

Feelings fans

Emotional barometer

Family SEAL

Family activities bullying

Family activities changes

Family activities Getting on and falling out

Family activities going for goals

Family activities Good to be me

Family activities New beginnings

Family activities relationships

Mini Gold Activity booklet – Attachment

Mini GOLD activity booklet

SEAL Foundations stage

Changes foundation stage

Getting on and falling out foundation stage

Going for goals foundation stage

Good to be me foundation stage

New beginnings Foundation stage

Relationships foundation stage

Say no to bullying foundation stage

SEAL Years 1 and 2

Bullying years 1 and 2

Changes years 1 and 2

Getting on and falling out years 1 and 2

Going for goals years 1 and 2

Good to be me years 1 and 2

New beginnings years 1 and 2

Relationships years 1 and 2

SEAL Years 3 and 4

Bullying years 3 and 4

Changes years 3 and 4

Getting on and falling out years 3 and 4

Going for goals years 3 and 4

Good to be me years 3 and 4

New beginnings years 3 and 4

Relationships years 3 and4

SEAL Years 5 and 6

Bullying years 5 and 6

Changes years 5 and 6

Getting on and falling out years 5 and 6

Going for goals years 5 and 6

Good to be me years 5 and 6

New beginnings years 5 and 6

Relationships years 5 and 6

2 thoughts on “SEAL Resources

  1. Lucy


    I’m am looking for some examples of an engaging SEAL session suitable for a small year 6/7 class and wondered if you might be able to help ?????

    Thank you

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