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Rory Red – for children with angry feelings

Rory Red

This delightful book uses CBT at its core to help children understand their angry feelings and make the necessary changes to regulate their emotions. The book was written by Luke Baker, a Trainee Teacher and a former ELSA.

About the Book

The book is set in the small town of Hue. The Red family live there and their youngest member is called Rory. Rory Red is very angry all of the time. He wants to change but is told by both parents that ‘It is just who you are.’ ‘There is nothing you can do about it!’ Rory begins to believe that this was just who he was and he really couldn’t do anything about it. Until one day he meets Yasmine Yellow. Yasmine shows him the way and helps him to understand how he can change.

The book leads the child through the different stages of anger such as the triggers for anger – ‘someone being mean to him’, ‘when he can’t go out to play because it is raining’, ‘when he isn’t allowed his dessert’. It takes the child through the physical effects of anger such as breathing heavier, his heart beating harder and faster and also looks at Rory’s thoughts such as ‘hit them!’ ‘Break something!’ ‘Say bad words!’  Yasmine helps him by suggesting different calming techniques to help him cope with his anger.

Why we like it

I would thoroughly recommend this book as a one to one tool for working with a child who needs help regulating their emotions. It could also be used with a group or a whole class as a basis for anger management work.

Delightful, simple illustrations that children will love. I think many children could have a good go at drawing Rory Red and Yasmine Yellow. The language is simple and easy to understand. This book would be perfect for EYFS and KS1, (possibly even Lower KS2).

I am always happy to review books for new authors and especially if they are or were ELSAs. All I ask is that you send me a copy of your book so that I can read it.


You can purchase this book from Amazon:


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