Roll and Respond warm up tasks

January 10, 2019
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Roll and Respond warm up tasks


This week I took inspiration from the ELSA Secret group. I asked for suggestions for resources. A couple of people wanted more warm up/ice breaker games. One person wanted a resource for a selective mute. I hope the differentiated sheet included will be helpful for that person.

There are two versions of this warm up game

Both versions are a roll and respond activity but the second one is the differentiated one.

Each person takes a turn at rolling one die to find the row and rolling again to find the column. Find the square and respond to the statement.

No pressure on the child to do them but you could do it with them if they are feeling shy or worried in any way. If they really don’t want to then they can just pass or give some sort of signal to say they want to roll again.


For more resources you will LOVE!

Click the pictures to take you there


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