Roll a Rainbow - Elsa Support for emotional literacy

Roll a Rainbow

Roll a rainbow. This is great for:

  • Number recognition
  • Mindfulness
  • Ice breaker or warm up
  • Concentration skills
  • Self esteem

You can of course just use colouring but you could also use playdough. Get some different coloured playdough and children can roll a bit of playdough in the appropriate colour to fill the section.

I do share a lot of ideas on Instagram before putting them up on the site so do follow me on there if you are on Instagram.


You can download this resource from here ROLL A RAINBOW

For more products you might find helpful

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Squishy ball stress reliever – great for learning about emotions as well as a tactile, sensory tool.


"The resources are such a time saver! No more scrabbling around or spending time making my own. The set interventions are great as they have everything you need including assessment paperwork. Thanks so much - please keep them coming!"

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