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Worries and Fears Lapbook – Item 511

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This is a worries and fears lapbook. It is suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4. For younger children please see our Worry Wobbles lapbook

This lapbook is a brilliant resource for working one to one with a child. Perfect for ELSA’s, Learning Mentors, or anyone who works one to one with children.

Lapbooks are fun, engaging, colourful and something for the pupil to take away with them once completed. They can cover several of your sessions with a pupil. A basic understanding of anxiety and worries is needed for this lapbook. There are instructions included in the pack.

What is included in the worries and fears lapbook?

Front cover

Name – pupil writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish. Why do they like their name? How did they get their name? Do they know of anyone they admire with the same name? Do they have a nickname?

Picture– either take a photo of the pupil to stick here or ask them to draw themselves.

Front cover title – Discuss the title

Inside the worries and fears lapbook

My worries– This pocket is about identifying worries and scaling them from 1 to 5. There is also a worry tree to look through with the pupil. The tree and the control circle can help them to identify the type of worry they have. Is it a hypothetical worry or real worry(problem). Depending on the outcome would depend on how they deal with it. Do they make a plan or let it go? There are pockets to address these.

Body feelings– This pocket is about body feelings and where in our bodies we feel our anxiety and worries. Cut out the body shape and you could laminate it before using it with a dry wipe pen. Another suggestion would be to use bits of playdough in different colours and they can stick tiny bits or big bits to the body shape depending on how big that body feeling is. Ask the child to explain where they feel their anxiety and worries. Can they mark off the areas on the body shape either with pen or playdough? They can draw their worried face on the body shape. How can they describe those sensations that they can feel in their body? Use some of the describing words to help them.

Circle of control– This will help you to question the pupil on whether the worries they have are in their control or not in their control.

Ants – Automatic negative thoughts – This pocket is about examining and challenging thoughts. The pupils will practice writing down those thoughts and then looking at some of the questions they will try to challenge and then change those thoughts.

My worry plan– The pocket is about making a plan for those worries that are in the pupil’s control. Some worries are in their control and some are not in their control. Use the visual of the Worry tree in the ‘My worries’ pocket and the circle of control to help them decide. Is their worry a problem that needs to be solved?

Let it go– The pocket is for learning how to let our hypothetical worries go. These are worries that we can’t do anything about. They are not in our control. Many are ‘what if’ type worries. Pupils can use coping strategies to refocus their attention to something else. A good way to do this is to let the worry go. All these strategies are for the pupil to let go of their worries. There are some blank cards to write their own too.

Back of the worries and fears lapbook

Jeans Pocket(coping strategies) – The pocket has lots of ideas for managing worries, questioning the worries, affirmations and coping strategies. There are some blank cards at the end of the file so you can add your own or the pupil can add their own.

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