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Today I am feeling posters – Item 458


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This is a set of 8 ‘today I am feeling’ posters along with some speech bubbles and thinking bubbles.

The posters have different settings related to the seasons of the year. There are two for each season. The posters will print on A3 automatically but of course using poster settings you could make them bigger and piece them together on your wall. I would suggest laminating though for the maximum use.

The feelings covered are:

  • angry
  • embarrassed
  • calm
  • happy
  • confused
  • disgusted
  • worried
  • scared
  • frustrated
  • shocked/surprised
  • proud
  • sad

They have purposely not been labelled because ‘angry’ could be ‘mad, furious, livid, annoyed’ and so on. ‘Calm’ could be ‘relaxed, peaceful, content’ and so on. Let your pupils learn more vocabulary and come up with their own labels.

Ideas for using:

  • Ask the child how they are feeling today and let them point and say why
  • Ask the child to find the ‘happy person’, ‘sad person’ and so on
  • Ask which emotion they would like to feel like and why?
  • Ask the child to point to the difficult emotions
  • Ask the child to point to the positive emotions
  • Can they name each emotion?
  • Can they point to a child, name the emotion and think of other words that might mean the same?
  • Talk about body signs and body language. How does your body show how you are feeling? What physical symptoms do you get when you feel an emotion?
  • Use the thinking bubbles or talking bubbles for pupils to write how someone might be thinking if they feel that emotion and what they might say if they feel that emotion. Simply print them, laminate them and cut them out. Use a dry wipe pen for lots of use.
  • Create your own talking and thinking bubbles and ask the pupil to place them onto the correct child on the poster. If you laminate the bubbles you can write with dry wipe pen and change them frequently.


"The resources are such a time saver! No more scrabbling around or spending time making my own. The set interventions are great as they have everything you need including assessment paperwork. Thanks so much - please keep them coming!"

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