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Telling Tales PowerPoint – Item 497


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This is a telling tales PowerPoint which has been requested by several members of our ELSA Facebook group. There is a free resource for working one to one with a child and you can find that by clicking this image.

Telling tales

This resource is a PowerPoint which can be used with a whole class or group of children either on a computer or IWB.

The die is a video of 50 slides. You cannot see them all without playing the video. The video is on a loop so you are basically stopping and starting the video by clicking it. Click the die and it will flick through the different scenarios. Click it again to stop. This will give you a random scenario.

Ask the children to decide whether this problem is something they need to tell an adult about. If yes they click the red speech bubble, if no they click the green speech bubble. This will take them to the thinking filter. Go through the yellow statements and click the ones that apply. These are editable if you want to change the statements. The text will shrink on overflow. At this point the children may decide to change their answer. Click the green button to flick to the other filter.

The speech bubble is also hyperlinked to a slide about urgency. When is it  appropriate to tell the teacher. When finished click the home button to return to the die. Repeat as many times as is needed.

**Please note – do not remove the blank slides, they are there so that the yellow boxes reset each time you return to them. It is a bit of magic!

"Child friendly, very reasonably priced, my job would be so much harder without them"

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