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Teen Jigsaw Emotions – Item 475


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This is a set of 18 teen jigsaw emotions. We have a similar pack for younger children showing younger clipart.

There are 18 feelings included in this pack. Each page has a picture, word and numbers one to 10. Pupils can make up the jigsaw by using picture clues, numbers or words.

Simply print, and cut out along the lines to make strips that need putting together. This is a great introduction to an emotion/feeling and would be a great warm up activity.

You could ask questions once the jigsaw has been put together such as:

  • Have you ever felt this emotion/feeling?
  • What happened?
  • Did you feel sensations in your body? Where and what were they?
  • What facial expression did you make?
  • What thoughts did you have?
  • How long did the feeling last?
  • What other words might you use for this feeling?
  • How did you cope with this feeling?
  • How did you act when you had this feeling? Do you have regrets? Could you have handled it differently?
  • What is your tone of voice when you have this feeling?
  • Have you seen anyone else with this feeling/emotion? Did you help them? How could you help them?
  • What job does this feeling or emotion do for you? What is it telling you?
  • Can you make up a scenario where you might feel this emotion/feeling?
  • Do you like this feeling?
"They are just so easy to print off and use. Pop in file as master and you're good to go. Free Friday is a god send!"

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