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Spinners – Item 414


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This is a PowerPoint spinner resource for New Year but because it is editable you can write any questions into the bubbles on the PowerPoint. Update the year easily by clicking it and editing. This can be used every single year. When the middle button is clicked the circles spin around the screen and when you click the button again the circles stop spinning. Read the question the pointer has landed on.

This makes learning more fun and helps children feel more involved.

You do NEED PowerPoint to enable you to edit and use this resource. This resource will NOT work on Google slides. However it will work on IPAD with the free PowerPoint app, but you won’t be able to edit on IPAD.

To change any of the questions

This graphic is a smart art graphic so all you need to do is click on the graphic and a list will appear on the left hand side of your screen. Go to the question you want to change and highlight the text. Rewrite the question and it will appear in the graphic.

There are 3 wheels

  • 6 circles (questions)
  • 8 circles (questions)
  • 10 circles (questions)
  • A list of questions you could use for editing the resource

You could also use this for other times of the year. Insert an emotion word into each bubble and change the titles. Insert a strength or characteristic into one of the bubbles when working on self-esteem. Use these spinners for next New Year too by changing the date. This is a very flexible tool for you to use.

You may use this resource to enhance your online planning pack if needed. Instructions for copying and pasting one of the wheels into another PowerPoint are enclosed with your pack.

If you want to use as a printable, remove the spinner arrow and button from the resource. Save as a PDF, it is already set up for A4 printing. Print it out and use a spinner such as this one on Amazon – Spinner

"I absolutely love the resources on your website. Our school have bought a few and I have personally. I have built up a great library and you have helped me out with leavers presents in the past, also love the Friday freebies! Thank you very much."

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