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School Separation Anxiety – Item 408

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This School Separation Anxiety pack includes 2 stories, a male version and a female version. The children are worried about going to school and don’t want to separate from their mum.

The story covers physical signs of anxiety such as butterflies in tummies, being hot, trembly and shaky. All these symptoms make George or Isla feel ill. They believe they are ill so tell their mum this. When they are told they can’t stay home then other emotions kick in such as anger and fear. They try delaying tactics so they can stay at home for longer. The story looks at thoughts and those ‘what if?’ monsters. The children remember what they learnt with their teacher and try calming strategies such as breathing exercises. They start to look forward to the exciting things at school even though they are still a bit worried. They remember that their teacher said they could make a plan to help them separate from mum. This is what they do and all is well.

Included in the school separation anxiety pack:

  • George doesn’t want to go to school Story PowerPoint (36 slides)
  • George doesn’t want to go to school Story PDF (36 pages)
  • Isla doesn’t want to go to school Story PowerPoint (36 slides)
  • Isla doesn’t want to go to school Story PDF (36 pages)
  • 11 worksheets including – My morning routine, Weird things that happen to my body, A time I felt upset and cried, A time I felt angry, A time I felt scared, Delaying tactics, What if monsters, What if bubbles, A special memory, Fun times at school, My separation plan.
  • Booklet of questions to ask about the stories.
  • A pre and post anxiety scale
"There is a good variety to cover different aspects of well being. The children enjoy using them, there are different types of resources for different ages They aren’t just worksheets. They are inexpensive to buy. Often free."

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