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Ready, Set, Secondary Transition workbook – Item 656


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This is a ‘Ready, Set, Secondary’ Transition Workbook. Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant milestone in a pupil’s educational journey, bringing new adventures, opportunities, and challenges. Being prepared for this transition is crucial to ensure pupils approach it with confidence and enthusiasm.

** update we have added a ‘High School’ version

Secondary school introduces new subjects, teachers, and a larger environment. Embracing this change with a positive mindset is key. Encouraging pupils to recognise their strengths and achievements builds the confidence needed to face new challenges.

Setting realistic goals provides students with direction and purpose. Identifying their unique strengths helps them focus on areas where they can excel and positively contribute to their new school environment. Goal-setting fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Emotional preparation is just as important as academic readiness. Teaching pupils about self-care, self-awareness of feelings, breathing exercises, and visualising that success.

When students feel supported and understood, they thrive. With the right support and mindset, the transition to secondary school can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

This ‘Ready, set secondary’ transition workbook will help pupils to understand their readiness for Secondary school. Lots of transition resources can be based on anxiety and worries whereas this is about empowering the young person. They are awesome, and ready for their next chapter.

It is split into sections

  • Amazing me!
  • Discovering my strengths
  • Goals
  • Moving forward
  • Being prepared emotionally

There are 31 pages in the workbook.

This workbook is great for working one to one with pupils who need a bit of a confidence boost to help them realise how ready they are for moving onto Secondary School. Just print one out for each pupil you work with.

Check out our blog post on transition

"A fantastic and inspirational website. The resources are an ELSA's dream, everything is so well thought out and each one can be used for more than one purpose. I have recommended the website to other ELSA's in my supervision group and they all think it's great too!"

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