Emotional Literacy Support Resources from ELSA Support

Emotional Literacy Resources

responsibility activity packresponsibility activity packresponsibility activity pack

Responsibility Activity pack – Item 599

Introducing our Responsibility Activity Pack – a comprehensive resource designed to assist children in learning about the importance of responsibility. This pack is packed with…


jealousy lapbookjealousy lapbookjealousy lapbook

Jealousy Lapbook – Item 598

This is a jealousy lapbook to help pupils understand their jealousy. There are lots of pockets and things inside the pockets to help them. What…


Affirmation station display packAffirmation station display packAffirmation station display pack

Affirmation Station Display Pack – Item 597

This is an Affirmation display pack. A wonderful way of helping to raise the self esteem of your pupils. All you need is a mirror…


teen affirmation workbookteen affirmation workbookteen affirmation workbook

Teen Affirmation workbook – Item 596

The teen affirmation workbook begins by offering a clear explanation of affirmations and their significance. It is vital for young minds to grasp the concept…


EBSA Bundle – Item 595

This is a bundle of our EBSA resources on the website.


EBSA InterventionEBSA InterventionEBSA Intervention

EBSA Intervention – Item 594

This is a six session fully planned EBSA intervention. EBSA is emotionally based school avoidance. This intervention is for working one to one with a…


back to school lapbookback to school lapbookback to school lapbook

Back to School lapbook – Item 593

This is a back to school lapbook with some useful activities for helping some pupils back into school after the long break. The back to…


bee emotions display packbee emotions display packbee emotions display pack

Bee Emotions Display Pack – Item 592

This is a bee emotions display pack with lots of resources to promote emotional intelligence through the use of our favourite insects: bees! Help pupils…


rise and thrive teen self esteemrise and thrive teen self esteemrise and thrive teen self esteem

Rise and Thrive Teen self-esteem intervention – Item 591

This Rise and Thrive Teen self-esteem intervention is suitable for pupils in secondary. It may also be useful for mature year 6 pupils. It is…


worry boxesworry boxesworry boxes

Worry Boxes – Item 590

Worry Boxes: a simple yet powerful tool that can provide huge benefits for children. Stress and anxiety can weigh heavily on young minds, having an…


end of term transitionend of term transitionend of term transition

End of term transition activities – Item 589

This is an end of term transition activities pack and is perfect for those last couple of weeks before the holidays. Every resource involves some…


Children’s Feelings Dictionary – Item 588

This is a children's feelings dictionary. The title is 'Feelings Explorers - a journey to discover your feelings' This dictionary covers the word and a…


emotions iceberg displayemotions iceberg displayemotions iceberg display

Emotions Iceberg Display pack – Item 587

After writing this blog post I decided to try and make some paper resources. This emotions iceberg display pack can be used on the wall…


Full Support Staff Planner 2023 to 2024 – item 586

This is the full Support Staff Planner for 2023/2024. I initially started making planners for you 7 years ago and have updated it each year.…


support staff basic plannersupport staff basic plannersupport staff basic planner

Support Staff basic Planner Update 2023/2024 – Item 585

This is the support staff basic planner update Please note this is NOT the Full Support Staff Planner but an update for  2023/2023 for those…


Social and Emotional PAPER assessments – Item 584

Introducing our newly updated social and emotional support paper assessments! These assessments have been specifically designed to help you track the impact of your interventions.…


exciting times ahead transtionexciting times ahead transtionexciting times ahead transtion

Exciting Times Ahead transition – Item 583

This Exciting times ahead transition resource is designed to help students in Year 2 and above navigate their worries and embrace the excitement that comes…


transition changes resource packtransition changes resource packtransition changes resource pack

Transition Changes Resource Pack – Item 582

This transition changes resource pack will help pupils to understand the changes that will occur during transition. Changes during transition to a new class, school…



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