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How do you say it PowerPoint – Item 421


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This is a PowerPoint focusing on tone of voice.

There is only one slide, however the dice contain:

  • 40 questions
  • 30 tone of voice

Can the pupils agree on which phrase and tone match? Which ones are appropriate and which ones are not appropriate? Does the message come across in a different way when read in a different tone of voice? Tone of voice is important and hopefully the pupil will learn that it is ‘how you say something’ that will get you a better response from someone.

You must be in presentation mode for the dice to work. To go into presentation mode, click ‘slideshow’ then click ‘from beginning’ .

The dice are basically little videos which will loop continuously. They flick through all 40 questions and 30 tone of voice. You can start and stop them by clicking the dice.
Click the first die to find the phrase and then click the second die to see how to say it. Pupils can have lots of fun with tone of voice but will also learn that there are better ways of saying things. They will learn what is an appropriate way to say something.

This is perfect for online learning but also great for the classroom if you have computer access.


"Being the only ELSA in my setting until now, I don’t know what I would have done without this website. It’s been amazing. 'Support' is definitely the right name for it! Thank you, Debbie."

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