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Healthy and unhealthy relationships – Item 504


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This healthy and unhealthy relationships pack was a request from an ELSA for a resource to help pupils learn what makes a healthy relationship and what makes an unhealthy relationship?

My idea was to look at characteristics or character traits both positive and negative and to have a sorting activity. I came up with this resource which has two pockets for sorting and 60 character traits to sort.

Relationships can cover friendships or it might be family, sibling relationships. For older pupils it might be boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

What do they need to look for in these people? What makes a healthy relationship?

Included in the healthy and unhealthy relationships pack:

  • Sorting pockets and sheet
  • 60 cards with positive and negative character traits
  • 15 editable cards so you can add more words yourself – these are editable in adobe reader. Click the blue box and type. Don’t worry the blue boxes don’t print.
  • 2 body sheets where pupils can fill the body with the character traits
  • A scale where pupils can scale the word and say how it would make them feel if a person had this trait
  • A handy bookmark to take away.

This resource is suitable for practically all ages. Use easier words for young children and more complex vocabulary for older pupils.

"My 'go to' place when I’m looking for new resources. Well designed, easy to use and so reasonably priced. I’ve built up quite a collection now and use them constantly. Children love them too. Thank you!"

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