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Growing Feelings EYFS – Item 618


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This ‘Growing feelings EYFS’ resource is for very young children to help them make that link between thoughts and feelings. There are 4 core emotions included. Those are ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ and ‘scared’. There are 10 possible thoughts that could trigger each of those emotions. (40 thought bubbles).

Look at the thought and read it together. Place it on the plant pot and look at how to label the feeling that might cause. Then find the face to match that thought and feeling word.

There are blank clouds, faces and labels if you want to explore other emotions.

Included in the ‘Growing Feelings EYFS’ pack:

  • 2 base boards – different coloured pots and backgrounds for placing the bubbles, words and faces
  • 2 base boards for writing and drawing
  • 1 base board in black and white for writing and drawing
  • 40 thought bubbles – 10 for each emotion of sad, happy, angry, scared
  • 4 emotions words
  • 4 emoji faces
  • 10 blank bubbles
  • 22 blank labels
  • 12 blank faces black and white
  • 12 blank faces yellow

This is a very adaptable and useful pack for exploring those core emotions with young children. You could certainly use them in areas of provision to help pupils work independently on emotions exploration.

It will support the link between thoughts and feelings and will help pupils to recognise and label those core emotions.


"I use the ELSA website all the time. The resources are always what I need and easy to download. Debbie Palphreyman you're a star. Thank you so much!"

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