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FRIENDS workbook – Item 648


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This is our FRIENDS workbook – a workbook to explore making and keeping friends. This resource was a request by an ELSA who loves our FRIENDS intervention for KS2 pupils. The intervention is for groups and she wanted something to work one to one.

In this booklet, pupils will embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection as they learn about finding common ground, showing respect, practicing inclusion, cultivating empathy, understanding the importance of friendships, recognising their own qualities that make them deserving of friends, and the power of apologising when mistakes are made.

Our goal is to provide a safe and engaging space for pupils to explore these themes through activities,  and discussions. By fostering a deeper understanding of friendship and the values that underpin it, we aim to empower children to build strong, supportive, and inclusive friendships that enrich their lives.

There are 30 pages to the workbook.

You can of course use the workbook as it is or if you just want to address certain areas then just print out those areas to work with.




"There is a good variety to cover different aspects of well being. The children enjoy using them, there are different types of resources for different ages They aren’t just worksheets. They are inexpensive to buy. Often free."

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