My Feelings Lapbook - Item 123 - Elsa Support . Working 1-to-1

My Feelings Lapbook – Item 123

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My Feelings Lapbook is a brilliant resource for working one to one with a child. Perfect for ELSA’s, Learning Mentors, or anyone who works one to one with children.

Pupils will learn lots about emotions.

Included in the lapbook:

  • Title colour/black and white
  • Name and picture colour/black and white
  • Feelings vocabulary pocket along with 36 words and a template for adding more
  • Blank face in many different colours to reflect different skin colours.
  • Body shape in many difference colours to reflect different skin colours. There is also a black and white body shape.
  • Looking closer pocket with a scale, over 50 scenarios, lists of body signs, thinking bubbles and speech bubbles
  • How do I feel today pocket with 12 very clear and colourful feelings faces
  • Coping skills booklet with 20 coping skills and a blank template for pupils to come up with their own
  • Game a game for exploring emotions further
  • Making your lapbook and information.

There is so much you can do with the My Feelings Lapbook once finished:

Right hand front cover of the lapbook

  • Name – pupil writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish. Why do they like their name? How did they get their name? Do they know of anyone they admire with the same name? Do they have a nickname?
  • Picture– either take a photo of the pupil to stick here or ask them to draw themselves. What do they like about their body? Is there anything they don’t like? What amazing things can they do with their bodies? How do they take care of their bodies? Talk about exercise, eating, drinking, washing, going to doctors if ill etc. What about their minds? How do they keep themselves happy? Content? Relaxed etc?

Left hand front cover of the lapbook

  • Front cover title – What are feelings? Do they know? Have a discussion about what feelings are. Make sure they are aware that the things you are going to be working on will help with their feelings.

Inside the lapbook

  • Feelings vocabulary – Discuss how all feelings have words and how some words can mean the same or similar. Ask the pupil to match the words to the pictures, play pairs games with the words and pictures. Collect more emotion words and write them on the template to pop in the pocket.
  • Blank face– This is for pupils to draw different emotion faces. You can use the emotion words, or the emotion face cards for pupils to copy. You could also use as an emotional register asking how do they feel today? Can they draw how they feel. Make sure you laminate the face so you can use dry wipe pen and reuse it repeatedly.
  • Body shape– This is for work on physical feelings. Laminate the body shape so it can be drawn on with dry wipe pen. Talk about how we feel our emotions in our bodies and mark off the areas that might be affected by different emotions. Use the emotion word cards or the emotion faces to talk about physical feelings. There is a list of different body signs in the ‘Looking closer’ pocket. You can also download a set of free PHYSICAL FEELING FANS from the website.
  • Looking closer – This has lots of scenarios so you could use these with the blank face, feelings faces, body shape and also with the coping skills book. There is also a scale for scaling how big emotions are, thought bubbles for exploring thoughts when feeling different emotions, talking bubbles for exploring what we might say when we feel different emotions. You could also touch on tone of voice. How might you say things if you are sad, angry, scared etc.
  • Feeling faces– There are 12 feelings covered with these faces, but they have purposely not been given labels. You will see from the emotion words that there are many words to describe different emotions. Let the pupil come up with their own words for these faces. Gently ask them if they can think of other ones. So, for example, ‘sad’ could be ‘upset, miserable, down, blue, unhappy’, could also be lonely!
  • Coping skills booklet – There are 20 ideas for coping skills and some blank templates for pupils to come up with their own coping skills. The pupil can try some of the coping skills out and monitor how it helps different emotions.

Back of the lapbook

  • Game – This game is a simple game to explore the emotion faces. Can they ‘make it’ – physically make the face?  ‘name it’ – label the feeling. ‘say when’ – talk about times they have felt this emotion.
"I always find just what I need with Debbie’s resources, the children love them, they’re fun to use, and they definitely have a positive impact on the children I work with. Sarah- Full time ELSA (Primary School setting )"

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