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Feelings First Game – Item 244

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This ‘Feelings First game’  will help children to learn lots about emotions and will be great fun too. Children will be making facial expressions, acting out body language and using their thinking skills. There is also an element of maths in the game because they need to be able to work out who has the highest number. Also lots of calculating to do at the end. Might be a good idea to have a calculator handy.

How to play

Put the emotion cards in a pile facing downwards. Each player picks a card. The leader of the game picks a category card. Each child must either:
Emotion – Name it! They must name the emotion on their card.
Facial expression – Make it! They must copy the facial expression on their card.
Body language – Make it! They must make the body language associated with their emotion.
Physical sensations – Name one! They must name a physical sensation that they might have if they feel this emotion.
Reason – Give a reason for this emotion
Thoughts – Name a thought you might have with this emotion.

The highest number for that category wins just their card. The rest go in the pile.
Continue with each child picking a card and the leader picking a new category.
Play for a set amount of time or until all the cards are won.
The person with the highest value wins – you might need a calculator or the children can practice their maths skills.

What’s in the pack?

  • 20 cards covering 20 different emotions
  • 6 cards covering the 6 categories
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