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Feelings Diary or Journal- Item 459


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This is a HUGE ‘Feelings Diary or journal’ pack so you can put together the PERFECT diary or journal for each pupil you work with.

There are over 65 different templates to use. Pupils can write or draw or do a bit of both. This resource is suitable for children as young as 5 or 6 to teens.

Pupils can track their feelings, talk about their feelings, explore thoughts, look at body sensations, be mindful of the 5 a day for wellbeing, use brain dumping and scale emotions along with many other things like mindful colouring.

If there is something you need and it isn’t included do contact me with your order number and am happy to create another sheet for you.


"I am a head of year in a secondary school. I am not ELSA trained, but I find this site so helpful in my day when working with the students. 
It is a very valuable resource that I use every day.
 Thank you."

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