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Feeling Colour Monsters emotions lapbook – Item 444

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This is a feeling colour monsters  lapbook. It is  made with our feeling monsters and was requested by an ELSA. It covers the basic six emotions of ‘happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised and disgusted’. Most feelings come from those basic six.

Title – Cut out the title and stick it to the lapbook

Name and picture – Cut out and ask the child to decorate with their name and picture before sticking to the lapbook

Pockets – cut out carefully and stick to the lapbook as indicated in the pictures.

Each of the six pockets has the following contents:

  • Big monster and small monster – these are for helping to scale emotions between big and small. The visual representation of the monster will help embed that vocabulary of big and small. The big monster could also be used to ask the child where you might get physical sensations in the body when you are feeling this emotion. Do you get a tummy ache? Headache? Fast beating heart? Fast breathing.
  • Big monster and small monster scale – this is a handy scale which could laminated and taken back to class. When talking about any emotion then ask them ‘Was the feeling big or small’?
  • A time I felt – these are handy cards with a little scale at the bottom for children to think about a time when they felt this emotion. They can write or draw and then decide whether the feeling was big or small.
  • Draw a face – this is for the child to draw the emotion you are working on. They could use a mirror and try and make that face first. They can try a few different ways to draw the same emotion. So happy might have a big smiling mouth, laughing mouth, closed eyes or open eyes. This will help children to recognise facial expressions in other people.
  • Thoughts – Can the child identify a thought they might have when they feel this emotion. For example if they are feeling angry can they identify what their thought might be to make them feel angry. An example could be ‘That wasn’t fair, he cheated!’
  • Say it – this is about exploring tone of voice. How do you talk when you feel this emotion. There are a set number of phrases to have fun with. Try saying these in the tone of voice, of the emotion, being worked on. Make up some more of your own or the child could too! Simply staple the two sheets together to make a mini booklet.
  • Other words – this is a little concertina book. Simply fold up like a concertina to pop in the pocket. This will help children to learn other words that might mean the same or similar. You could explore other words too.
  • Feelings flower – ask the child to draw their face in the centre to match the emotion you are working on. Then ask them to write or draw things that make them feel that emotion. Once this is finished the fold the petals inwards so that it will fit in the pocket.

Game – This game is for the back of the lapbook. It is a simple game for children to either:

  • Make the emotion face they land on
  • Label the emotion face they land on
  • Tell about a time when they felt that way
  • Make the tone of voice of the emotion they land on. Use one of the phrases in the pockets or make up your own.
  • Name another word that means the same or similar
  • Talk about your thoughts when you feel this emotion

Use a dice and counters to play. First one to reach the finish line is the winner.

"The site not only gives me fantastic resources that are so budget friendly to support our pupils, it is also a great support for me too. Knowing Debbie is there with her wealth of experience is amazing and the network she has grown of other ELSAs is brilliant."

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