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Emotion Wordsearch puzzles – Item 494

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This was a request from an ELSA who wanted these emotion wordsearch puzzles for using during warm ups.

This is a set of 10 emotions wordsearches. Great for helping pupils to learn new vocabulary around emotions.

Emotions covered are:

  • angry, sad, happy, scared, surprised, disgusted, calm, embarrassed, worried and confused.

Being able to label exactly the feeling you have is known as Emotional granularity.

This pack will help pupils to label their emotions with more precision.

The first word is highlighted to get the pupil started and for them to understand that all the words will be linked to that initial word.

Pupils should cross off each word as they find it.

Whilst working on the wordsearches questions could be asked of the pupil such as:

  • Do you know this word?
  • How could you use this word in a sentence?
  • Have you ever felt this way? What happened?

It could be a great warm up tool for introducing a particular emotion or for working on emotional literacy.

Answer sheets are all at the back of the pack and all the words can be found mainly horizontally but a few vertically. There are no diagonal words.

When the pupil has finished their wordsearch they can cut off the part at the bottom to take away with them. This could be a little homework in order to practise these words in context.

"This half term I’ve been using, growth mindset intervention, anxiety intervention, emotional awareness, my heart to heart diary and coping skills toolkit, my children have loved them. I’ve seen their confidence and problem solving skills grow over the weeks. Thank you so much Debbie. Jane. 1:1 TA/ELSA"

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