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Connect and Thrive Teen Friendship intervention – Item 644


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This ‘Connect and Thrive Teen friendship intervention’ is suitable for pupils in year six and for older pupils in secondary. This is a group intervention. It could be run whole class too. An estimate of timings would be:

  • Review last time and check in 10 minutes
  • Warm up 10 minutes
  • Activity 30 minutes
  • Review 5 minutes
  • Next time 5 minutes

Make sure you have an hour to run the intervention.

The intervention

Our intervention offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing and maintaining healthy friendships amongst teens. Through a series of engaging activities and discussions, pupils will explore essential aspects of interpersonal relationships, including empathy, friendship qualities, conflict resolution, building trust, and making amends.

By fostering empathy, pupils learn to understand and appreciate the feelings and perspectives of others, laying a foundation for meaningful connections. Discussions on friendship qualities help participants identify and cultivate traits essential for building strong and supportive relationships. Conflict resolution equips teens with the skills to address disagreements constructively, so both parties are happy.

Furthermore, our intervention emphasises the importance of trust in friendships and provides strategies for building and maintaining trust over time. Pupils also learn the value of accountability and making amends, fostering forgiveness and reconciliation when conflicts arise.

There are six sessions to this intervention which will all help to develop friendship skills.

Lesson objectives


Lesson one – To understand the importance of friendships in their lives and identify at least one quality of a good friend.


Lesson two – To understand how the role of empathy contributes to the development of strong and lasting friendships.


Lesson three – To learn and practise how to manage conflicts peacefully.


Lesson four – To understand the importance of building trust in friendships and to reflect on personal trustworthiness.


Lesson five – To recognise the importance of setting and respecting boundaries in friendships and learn how to communicate personal boundaries assertively.


Lesson six – To understand why making amends, when you have done something wrong, is important in maintaining friendships.

What’s included?

Included in the Connect and Thrive Teen friendship intervention:

  • Planning booklet with 6 fully planned sessions
  • Pre and Post intervention assessment
  • Warm up ‘Let’s chat’ friendship cards
  • Lesson one – Friendship quality list, Vision board worksheet
  • Lesson two – Empathy building scenario cards, Comic strip worksheet
  • Lesson three – Win Win poster, Steps to resolve conflict poster, Conflict worksheet
  • Lesson four – Trust scenario cards, Trust poster, Trust questionnaire
  • Lesson five – Boundaries scenario cards, Assertive communication poster, Assertive communication worksheet
  • Lesson six – Making amends scenarios, Making amends worksheet
"All resources are so child friendly, they love them and using them really takes the stress out of producing a well-timed ELSA session. Matching the resources to SMART targets is also quick and easy. Best of all I can afford to pay for them and use them again and again!"

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