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Christmas Calming Bingo – Item 616


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Here is a lovely calming game to play on the run up to Christmas.

How to play our Christmas Calming Bingo game:

Give each pupil a base board and some counters.

Pick one of the calming cards and read through it with the pupils. The pupils can close their eyes so they can imagine the scene you are setting for them.

Once they have all done this they place a counter on their base board over the appropriate exercise.

Repeat until someone has a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The first person to get a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally is the winner of the game. They need to shout out ‘I am calm’ if they win.

Included in the pack:

  • 9 Calming activities
  • 9 base boards with the images mixed up. You can play with up to 9 players.
"I’ve been using the resources from the ELSA support site for around four years now. It’s the first place I look for affordable, easily downloadable and engaging tools for all areas of emotional literacy. Wouldn’t be without it!"

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