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Anger volcanoAnger volcanoAnger volcano

Anger Volcano Pack – Item 548

This is an anger volcano pack with visuals and worksheets to help pupils with their anger. Anger is a secondary emotion and there is usually…


hospital stay story packhospital stay story packhospital stay story pack

Hospital Stay Story Pack – Item 547

This is a hospital stay story pack for helping children who have to have a stay in hospital. It is a very general story but…


pupil wellbeing calendarpupil wellbeing calendarpupil wellbeing calendar

Pupil Wellbeing Calendar – Item 546

This is a pupil wellbeing calendar and is a version of our ELSA calendar which is in black and white for colouring in. ***This resource…


Toilet time story packToilet time story packToilet time story pack

Toilet Time story and resources Item 542

This is a toilet time story pack for helping children who might be afraid or anxious about going to the toilet. Included in the toilet…


coping cup secondarycoping cup secondarycoping cup secondary

Coping Cup Secondary Version – Item 541

Coping cup resource This is a coping cup secondary resource for older pupils. It could work for upper KS2 and KS3. It consists of a…


coping cupcoping cupcoping cup

Coping Cup – Item 537

Coping cup resource This is a coping cup resource for younger children. It consists of a cup craft activity and lots of marshmallows with visual…


animal feeling fansanimal feeling fansanimal feeling fans

Animal Feeling Fans – Item 536

This is a set of Animal Feeling Fans - a request from an ELSA who saw our Animal Emotions pack. There are 24 fans in…


thought challengethought challengethought challenge

Thought Challenge resource pack – Item 535

This is a thought challenge resource pack with question cards and supporting worksheets. Challenging negative thinking can be very helpful for managing emotions whether that…


anger intensityanger intensityanger intensity

Anger Intensity Fans and worksheets – Item 534

This anger intensity resource pack is helpful to support pupils in scaling their anger. Are they a bit bothered or infuriated. Knowing how anger builds…


Anger Intensity Scale Wall Poster – Item 533

This is an anger intensity scale wall poster which is helpful for pupils to recognise where they are on the anger scale. Are they just…


Christmas cup of complimentsChristmas cup of complimentsChristmas cup of compliments

Christmas Compliments Cup – Item 532

This is a Christmas compliments cup activity. Pupils can send a cup to someone special to give them a compliment. You could also use the…


ELSA Secondary Anger Pack – Item 531

This is an ELSA Secondary Anger pack of worksheets to help you support pupils who have anger issues. These are all in black and white…


elsa secondary worksheet bundleelsa secondary worksheet bundleelsa secondary worksheet bundle

ELSA Secondary worksheet bundle – Item 530

This is a HUGE ELSA Secondary worksheet bundle with 68 worksheets that will be helpful for secondary pupils. It will also be good for upper…


apple emotionsapple emotionsapple emotions

Apple Emotions Display – Item 529

This is a set of apple emotions for display. This was a request from one of our lovely followers on Instagram. These emotion apples can…



Shyness resource pack – Item 527

This is a shyness resource pack requested by one of you lovely ELSAs. It is aimed at KS2 upwards. This resource pack is to help…


Worry wormWorry wormWorry worm

Worry Worm Booklet – Item 526

This is a worry worm booklet and poster.  Lots of children have worry worms. They are usually crocheted or knitted. Often there is a little…


feelings scalefeelings scalefeelings scale

Feelings Scale – Item 523

An ELSA asked for our free feelings scale to be in other colours. I have come up with these which has more content than the…


self care potion activityself care potion activityself care potion activity

Self-Care Potion Activity – Item 520

This self-care potion activity is a fun and engaging  for pupils to look at all the things that help with their self-care. There are two…



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