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Back to School Lapbook – Item 376


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This lapbook has been created to help pupils returning to school during the Coronavirus Pandemic. There are differentiated items where necessary so can be used for younger and older pupils.

Lapbooks are fun and easy to make with the child. All you need is an A3 piece of card to fold into a lapbook. There are templates included to make your lapbook up. This could be done as an individual activity or could be done with all the children in your bubble.

Apart from the game on the back, Wally Worry and Bee-Linda Bee everything is in black and white to encourage colouring and the mindfulness that can bring.

Wellbeing has got to be an absolute priority at this time.

Included in the pack is:

  • Title page – this is in black and white so children can colour and take ownership of the lapbook
  • Name and picture – Children can draw their picture and colour, they can write their name in any way they choose.
  • How I feel today flip book – Children can colour and decorate the cover, colour all the different emotion faces and make up. This can be used as an emotional register. Children can open up the face that most matches how they feel today.
  • Worry pocket – there are two versions for younger and older pupils. The younger version has a cut out of Wally Worry. There has been a lot of talk about flat teacher (google it) I thought why not have a flat Wally Worry. When soft toys aren’t allowed at the moment Wally Worry when laminated can be talked to, carried around popped into their own pocket etc. This pocket also has some cards for writing worries down, again differentiated for drawers, writers and older children.
  • Coping skills pocket– this has two versions of a coping skills wheel. One for younger children with pictures to colour and the older version is blank for children to write or draw their coping skills. It has 8 mindful exercise cards, a Bee-Linda Bee cut out to remind children to be mindful, like Wally Worry she can be laminated and used as an alternative to soft toys. I have also included the FREE copy of the story about Bee-linda Bee. This is in powerpoint and pdf format.
  • Good hygiene pocket– this is to remind children of the rules for good hygiene when at school. This all can be coloured in as each one is discussed. There are some writing cards for children to explain their understanding.
  • Communication pocket – this pocket contains some ideas for communicating without touching. So children can hug themselves to send a hug, wink at someone, smile at someone and so on. The pocket and cards can be coloured. There are some blanks for children to make up their own communication cards. There are also some pocket hearts so children can give someone a heart if they want to show affection or that they care.
  • Game board and cards – this is for the back of the lapbook. The game board is in black and white or colour. Children can choose to colour it or you might just want to print this out in colour. There is a little pocket to hold the 63 question cards. Please choose which ones you will use with the children according to what you want to find out or work on.
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