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AWARE Emotional Regulation Intervention – Item 653


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This is our AWARE emotional regulation intervention and is suitable for pupils in KS2 and for older pupils in secondary.

There are no set number of pupils for this intervention and could even be delivered whole class with a few tweaks.

Make sure you read through the planning and have all your resources ready.

Each lesson relates to a letter from the word AWARE

A is for Acknowledge Body Sensations

Acknowledging body sensations involves tuning into physical cues like heartbeat, muscle tension, or stomach butterflies. Paying attention to these signals helps pupils to recognise emotions. For example, a racing heart may indicate excitement or anxiety. Understanding these cues aids in emotional awareness and effective regulation strategies.

W is Work on Emotion Labels

Working on emotion labels involves not only identifying feelings and labelling them but also connecting them to corresponding bodily sensations. This integration allows for a holistic understanding of emotions, recognising how they manifest physically. By linking emotions to bodily cues like heart rate or muscle tension, pupils deepen their self-awareness and emotional regulation skills.

A is for Articulate Feelings

Articulating feelings in a healthy way can include various approaches tailored to individual pupil’s preferences. It may involve verbal expression, written communication, or artistic expression. By exploring different avenues, individuals can find the most effective and comfortable means to express their emotions authentically and constructively.

Reach for Coping Strategies

Reaching for coping strategies involves utilising techniques to manage and navigate challenging emotions and situations effectively. It encompasses practices such as deep breathing, mindfulness, seeking support, engaging in hobbies, or using relaxation techniques. These strategies empower individuals to cope with stressors and enhance resilience and well-being.

Engage in  Self Care

The importance of self-care activities and how they can help manage emotions. This includes regular physical exercise, proper sleep, healthy eating, and engaging in hobbies that they enjoy. Self-care practices can enhance emotional well-being and resilience.

There are 5 lessons in total. It is best to do the full programme but you could dip in and do the odd lesson and tweak as necessary.

An estimate of timings would be:

  • Review and emotions check in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Activity 30 minutes
  • Review 5 minutes
  • Next time 5 minutes

Make sure you have 45minutes to an hour to run the intervention.

Included in the AWARE emotional regulation intervention:

  • 5 sessions of planning
  • Feelings check in worksheet
  • Feelings poster
  • Body sheet
  • Body scan script
  • 6 x label the emotion worksheets with different emotions covered
  • Emotion cards
  • Express feelings worksheet
  • How slow breathing helps visual
  • 54321 Grounding exercise
  • 7/11 breathing exercise
  • Safe or happy place activity
  • Reach for coping strategies worksheet
  • Self-care plan
"Always grateful for new ideas/resources from this website. Debbie always has something we can use for any situation.Karen - primary school full time ELSA"

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