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Anxiety Trigger Cards – Item 651


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This is an ‘Anxiety trigger cards’ resource pack which contains:

  • 64 anxiety trigger cards
  • Top 3 worksheet
  • Coping skills worksheet
  • Anxiety scale
  • Coping skills prompts for the adult

Empower pupils to manage their anxiety effectively by using our Anxiety trigger cards.

We offer a unique approach that empowers children to identify and address their top anxiety triggers.

Your pupil can take charge of their anxiety by selecting their top three triggers and discussing them in a safe and supportive environment. Through guided conversations, they’ll gain insights into what causes their anxiety and how it impacts their well-being.

Additionally, your pupil can choose one of their identified triggers and develop personalised coping strategies to handle it. From relaxation techniques to positive self-talk, they’ll learn practical methods to navigate their anxiety with confidence.

To track their progress, your pupil can use a scaling system to measure their anxiety levels before and after implementing coping strategies. This helps them understand their emotions better and empowers them to take control of their anxiety.

We also provide a ‘Coping Skills Sheet’ filled with a variety of techniques and strategies tailored to children. From breathing exercises to creative activities like drawing or writing, your child will have access to tools that suit their unique needs and preferences.

Help your pupils build resilience and develop essential skills for managing stress and anxiety.



"Quick and convenient to download and complete and I love the way that many of the designs match to keep consistency. I'm not a trained ELSA but do things ELSA linked with Nurture and for the ASD children the simplicity of the designs are fantastic"

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