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ADHD Dopamine booster pupil leaflet – Item 663


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This is our ADHD Support Dopamine Booster pupil leaflet.

Dopamine plays a crucial role in the brains of children with ADHD, offering numerous benefits that can significantly enhance their daily lives.

Adequate dopamine is essential for improving focus and attention. Children with ADHD often struggle to concentrate on tasks, but increased dopamine levels may help them stay attentive and complete assignments more effectively.

Dopamine can boost motivation. It provides the drive to start and persist with activities, which is often challenging for children with ADHD. Higher dopamine levels can help them engage more willingly in tasks and hobbies.

Dopamine contributes to a sense of pleasure and reward. This chemical helps children with ADHD find joy in activities, making it easier for them to stay engaged and satisfied. Enhanced dopamine levels can lead to a happier, more balanced life, reducing frustration and improving overall well-being.

Included in the ‘ADHD Dopamine booster pupil leaflet’

  • What is dopamine – Explanation and benefits of adequate levels of dopamine
  • Dopamine boosters- Ideas for boosting dopamine
  • Mindfulness – Importance of mindfulness and how it increases dopamine
  • Novelty – Ideas and examples of novelty to increase dopamine
  • Amazing you- Celebrating achievements, staying positive and asking for help if needed

There is an editable part for you to put your contact details or just your name. Simply type in the blue box. Don’t worry the blue box doesn’t show when you print. You can of course just print it and handwrite your details.

There is a leaflet holder included in the pack which you can use to display your leaflets on the wall. There is also a BLACK AND WHITE version of the leaflet included in the pack. Some children might like to colour in the black and white version as you chat.

Important information 

This  ADHD Dopamine booster pupil leaflet is meant to be used as part of ELSA Sessions or some other therapeutic session and shouldn’t just be given out to children without some input. Please DO NOT just give these out without that important input. They are purely reminders for the pupil to take away and for parents to get involved.

It is your responsibility to decide whether the information in this leaflet will be helpful to your pupils.

Under our terms and conditions these leaflets must not be put onto school websites.

They are for printing and giving to pupils at the end of a session or you could use them as a basis for your session. Work through each part with the pupil.

"Debbie's resources really make a difference to my sessions. The children love doing themLee ELSA"

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