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ADHD Dopamine Booster Bingo Game – Item 664


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This is our ADHD Dopamine Booster Bingo Game which is suitable for up to 9 players. There are 9 different strategies for boosting dopamine which pupils can learn about as they play the game. If you are working one to one then if you both play together.

Although this resource is part of our new range of ADHD resources it can be used with any pupil that needs a bit of a boost of dopamine.

Dopamine plays a crucial role in the brains of children with ADHD, offering numerous benefits that can significantly enhance their daily lives.

Adequate dopamine is essential for improving focus and attention. Pupils with ADHD often struggle to concentrate on tasks, but increased dopamine levels may help them stay attentive and complete assignments more effectively.

Dopamine can boost motivation. It provides the drive to start and persist with activities, which is often challenging for children with ADHD. Higher dopamine levels can help them engage more willingly in tasks and hobbies.

Dopamine contributes to a sense of pleasure and reward. This chemical helps pupils  with ADHD find joy in activities, making it easier for them to stay engaged and satisfied. Enhanced dopamine levels can lead to a happier, more balanced life, reducing frustration and improving overall well-being.

Included in ADHD Dopamine booster bingo game:

  • 9 bingo boards with the images in different places
  • 1 set of calling cards

The aim of the ADHD Dopamine Booster Bingo game  is to help pupils with ADHD learn and practise different strategies to boost dopamine levels while having fun in a group or one to one activity.

Begin by distributing a Bingo card and a set of counters to each pupil. Explain to the pupils that the objective is to cover three squares in a row on their card—this can be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Make sure everyone understands how to place counters on their cards when an activity is called out.

The first child to cover three squares in a row should shout ‘Bingo!’ Pause the game to check their card and ensure that the activities match the ones you called. Celebrate the win and discuss the activities, reinforcing their importance in boosting dopamine levels.

End the game with a group discussion about the different activities and how they can help boost dopamine levels. Encourage the pupils to share their experiences with these activities and how they might incorporate them into their daily routines. This not only reinforces the learning but also makes the game a practical tool for managing ADHD symptoms.

Additionally you could use the picture cards as a pairs game but cutting out two sets.

"ELSA/Learning mentorDebbie's Empathy game is my all time favourite resource. The children learn so much from this game and it has us in stitches every time we play. Debbie you are star, and without planning time would not be able to facilitate as many sessions as I do without your resources. Your resources are a great price especially when I have to purchase them out of my own pocket. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to enable us to be successful in helping our troubled and complicated children."

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