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Pupil Leaflet Display Banner

Lots of you have asked for a pupil leaflet display banner so you can display all of your leaflets.

We have lots of leaflets now for pupils and you can use one of these banners to display them.

The ideas for titles came from our ELSA Facebook group. 

Displaying pupil leaflets on social and emotional skills offers numerous benefits for pupils and the school community. These leaflets serve as valuable educational tools that provide pupils with accessible information on crucial life skills such as self-care, self-regulation, and effective communication. By prominently displaying these leaflets, schools can reinforce the importance of ELSA work and encourage pupils to actively engage with the material. This visual presence can prompt discussions, self-reflection, and practice of these skills in real-time, ultimately fostering a more empathetic and supportive school environment.

Additionally, showing these leaflets can enhance parental and community involvement in pupils emotional development. When parents see the emphasis placed on ELSA  at school, they are more likely to support and reinforce these lessons at home, creating a cohesive approach.  This visibility also demonstrates the school’s commitment to holistic education, highlighting the importance of emotional well-being alongside academic achievement. As a result, schools can build stronger partnerships with families and community members, contributing to a positive and inclusive educational culture that supports the growth and success of all pupils.

Download: Leaflet banner

"This half term I’ve been using, growth mindset intervention, anxiety intervention, emotional awareness, my heart to heart diary and coping skills toolkit, my children have loved them. I’ve seen their confidence and problem solving skills grow over the weeks. Thank you so much Debbie. Jane. 1:1 TA/ELSA"

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