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Playdough emotions and feelings pack

This is a set of 6 mats for using with playdough and emotions and feelings. Although my thoughts were that these would be fab for younger children, I am sure older children would enjoy using them too. Lots of open ended fun where children can be creative and think about colours.

This is the set of playdough I have which has all of these colours. Click the image if you want to have a look on Amazon.

These mats are great for opening up conversations on feelings. Lots of opportunities for asking questions and for the child to talk and say what they feel.

Download: Playdough emotions and feelings pack

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Multicultural cut out people – Some lovely cut out people in different skin tones. Great for emotions work and work on families



"Don’t know how I could do ELSA without Debbie’s wonderful free resources. The children really enjoy them. Thank you Debbie"

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