Personalised Stories

March 3, 2018
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Personalised Stories

This story will help a child learn new social and emotional skills. Here is a free one to download and try. This one is aimed at empathy.

Personalised Story

Print out the girl version or the boy version.

Print out the cards, target sheet and certificate. Laminate and cut out the cards, punch a hole in the corner and put on a keyring. Please round off the corners.

Write the child’s name and take a photo to stick on the story sheet. The child could draw their own face and stick that to the story. This helps to personalise it.

Read the story with the child and discuss it with them. Make sure they have a full understanding of what it all means. Repeat several times whenever there is an opportunity of where you see it is needed.

Use the cards often to reinforce the behaviour you are wanting to see more of.

Each time you observe the correct behaviour then ask the child to fill in a star and number. Once the child has achieved 5 stars then they get a certificate to take home.

DOWNLOAD: Personalised story free sample

You can purchase a pack of 10 stories on the following link. Please click the picture.

If you have any suggestions for common problems that you want to be made into a story then comment below and I will try my best to write them.

8 thoughts on “Personalised Stories

  1. Deb Morgan

    Thanks Debbie I love these personalised stories especially the extras that come with them.
    Have you one for a year 1 child who needs help with appropriate behaviour in class which doesn’t disrupt other children from their learning and also will help their own. For example randomly shouting silly words/noises for affect, not sitting on his chair properly (knees up, so moves others tables). Making silly faces. His quite behind too achedemically, so needs more visuals. He plays quite rough inthe playground too. Sounds alot now that I’ve read it back! Thank you.

  2. Rebecca Lappin

    Hi debbie. I am looking social stories for a child who is laughimg inappropriately and wont calm down during work time and carpet time. Child giggles and is excessively silly. Also social story for how to behave when someone new comes into class (child is very attention seeking toward them, then gigglimg gets worse.
    Many thanks

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