Personalised Feelings Mat - Elsa Support for emotional literacy

Personalised Feelings Mat

This personalised feelings mat can be edited with a the pupil’s name. You need powerpoint in order to do this. I have also just included a plain one in PDF format if you don’t want to personalise.

Pupils can learn how to monitor their feelings. They can label the emotion, say why they feel that way. Draw their expression and think of ways of coping with those emotions. Importantly they will learn how to scale those emotions from 1 to 5.

Download: Editable feelings mat

Download: Feelings mat not editable

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"As a newly qualified ELSA, Debbie's amazing resources have helped me, more than anything else, to get a practical foothold in my role. Often created in response to the needs flagged up by fellow ELSAs, they're diverse, engaging, accessible and form the much of the core of my sessions, planning and assessment."

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