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November Elsa Support Resources – What’s new?

November Elsa Support Resources – What’s new?

I thought it might be helpful to show all the resources each month that are new to the site. The links to the resources show up in orange so click that if you want to have a closer look.

You can find all of October’s resources here 

Santa Gratitude advent calendar

Santa gratitude advent calendar

Dependable December Lesson plan

ELSA Lanyard bundle

ELSA Printed Lanyard Multipack

ELSA Lanyard Orange

ELSA Printed Lanyard Orange

ELSA Lanyard Pink

ELSA Printed Lanyard Pink

ELSA Lanyard Turquoise

ELSA Printed Lanyard Turquoise

ELSA Lanyard Blue

ELSA Printed Lanyard Blue

Pupil leaflet meet the ants

meet the ants pupil leaflet

Kindness Tree

kindness tree

Building Confidence Pupil leaflet

Building confidence pupil leaflet

Other Resources you will love!
teen emotions tab bookletsteen emotions tab bookletsteen emotions tab booklets

Teen Emotions Tab Booklet – Item 461

This is an updated version of our Emotions Tab booklet but for TEENs. Teen Emotions tab booklets for pupils to learn about their emotions. There…


Anger Intensity Scale Wall Poster – Item 533

This is an anger intensity scale wall poster which is helpful for pupils to recognise where they are on the anger scale. Are they just…


Emotion Dominoes – Item 409

This is a set of Emotion Dominoes for working on facial recognition, labeling emotions and general chat about emotions. You can use them as a…


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