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New Year 2023 Flip Flop

This is a New Year 2023 Flip Flop booklet. Pupils can write or draw within the flip flop. It is basically a little booklet that folds up to show the year.

  • What is their goal this year?
  • What is their happies memory from 2022?
  • What new thing do they want to try?
  • What is their proudest moment from 2022?

Pupils can reflect on the previous year as well as look forward to the new year.

Download: 2023 flip flop

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"Don’t know how I could do ELSA without Debbie’s wonderful free resources. The children really enjoy them. Thank you Debbie"

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  • Jane Woodfield says:


    Love all of your resources. I love them even more now that I’ve nearly finished my ELSA training and look forward to being able to use more of them.

    You’re a gem xx

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