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My Voice Matters conversation prompts

Here are some sentence starters to help pupils find their voice. There are 30 prompts that the pupil can practice with you.

This resource is to support Children’s mental health week. Focus is on expressing themselves and finding their voice.

Ways to use the cards:

  • Lay them out and pick one. Pupil has to read it and complete the sentence – can be real or made up.
  • Pick a card and act it out with another person or you.
  • Pupil could try journaling and writing down the response to the card. eg. Something I find interesting is…, I have something on my mind and I want to talk about…
  • Pupil could draw their response.
  • You could start your session with card. This would hopefully open them up and you could show good listening.
  • You could play a game together in circle time where a card is chosen and each pupil answers it in their own way. This would encourage listening and also for them to hear a variety of ideas and opinions.

Download: My voice matters prompts

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