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My Brave Book – #findyourbrave

My Brave book is one of my ways of supporting  ‘Children’s mental health week’.

You can also find ‘Jars of Courage’ on the site and also a ‘confidence scale’

The theme this year is about ‘finding your brave’. This could be as simple as being brave enough to seek help and talk to someone. My brave book will help pupils to find their brave.

There is a front cover and 3 different ways of recording the pupil’s brave moments. Print which ever you choose for the pupil. There is a blank page behind the front cover if you want to print a booklet with a cover, and 10 of the sheets back to back.

You can download the booklet from here: Find your brave

This is a lovely story which can support work on confidence.


"Just when you’re not quite sure what to do or where else to go... boom... Debbie has a resource for you!"

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