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Motivational Punchcards

Motivational Punch cards

These are fantastic for motivation. Instead of adding a sticker the child can punch a hole in one of the squares.

Print onto card and cut out carefully as near to the outside edge as you can. Your hole punch needs to be able to punch a hole in each section. Depending on the size of your hole punch you might need to reduce the size of the boards on the photocopier or print smaller.

Use for growth mindset in particular. When they try hard at something let them punch a hole.

Children LOVE punching their own holes! There is always the added benefit of lots of confetti from the cut outs too for decorating crafts and cards.

Download: Motivational punch cards

"ELSA/Learning mentorDebbie's Empathy game is my all time favourite resource. The children learn so much from this game and it has us in stitches every time we play. Debbie you are star, and without planning time would not be able to facilitate as many sessions as I do without your resources. Your resources are a great price especially when I have to purchase them out of my own pocket. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to enable us to be successful in helping our troubled and complicated children."

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