Mindfulness finger labyrinth - ELSA Support for emotional literacy

Mindfulness finger labyrinth

A labyrinth is different to a maze. In a maze you might come to dead ends so have to try and find a different route whereas a labyrinth only has one path which leads you to the centre or to the other end.

These can be used for relaxation and mindfulness practice. You can use your finger to trace through the labyrinth slowly and calmly, focusing all your thoughts and concentration on tracing that path. Use your non dominant hand to make it a bit more tricky and which will help you concentrate more.

Use your labyrinth if you are feeling a bit worried, stressed or angry. It will help you to cope and calm down. Remember to do your slow breathing as you do this.

These labyrinths will fit into the pocket of the ‘Wellbeing toolkit’

Download: Mindfulness finger labyrinth

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