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Mindful Magnifier Activity

This is a fun mindful magnifier activity. Pupils can cut out their magnifying glass and use the circle pictures to study mindfully.

What can they see? What can they notice? What feelings does the picture evoke? Can they imagine being there? What might they hear? What might they smell?

They could also just cut out the middle and use their magnifier to study objects in their environment rather than the pictures.

There are two colours of magnifier and 30 pictures to use. Laminate for extended use and use a blob of blue tack to stick the picture to the centre of the magnifier.

Mindfulness is useful in so many ways from emotional regulation to being more aware of things going on around you.

Download: Mindful magnifier

"My go to to find any resources, easy to Download, affordable and sometimes free! A godsend when you don’t have a budget! if there isn’t anything suitable Debbie then magically creates it!! Amazing"

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