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Loneliness Mental Health week

This is a one of our Tab books which has been made to support Mental Health Week 2022. The theme of this week is loneliness. I have decided to go for ‘The glory of solitude or the pain of loneliness’ I wanted children to understand that it is ok to be alone, we don’t always need to be connected with or be with other people. Sometimes though we might feel lonely and need that connection.

The booklet takes them through feeling lonely, feeling solitude, decreasing loneliness and increasing the happy feelings by being alone.

Simply print out the PDF and cut out the pieces. Staple together to make your book.

Download: Loneliness flip book

"I’ve been using the resources from the ELSA support site for around four years now. It’s the first place I look for affordable, easily downloadable and engaging tools for all areas of emotional literacy. Wouldn’t be without it!"

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